About Us

OSCAR CABALLERO and ROXANA GARBER have been dancing together since the year 2000. Since then they are hired assiduously to perform at the most important events.
The Creators of the tango show "the Streets of Buenos Aires" share the scene with important figures of the local and international artistic atmosphere.

Both arrived to Miami bringing with themselves a great personal experience fruit of their long artistic trajectory.
The high level in their performances is the result of an intense training to which they expose themselves every day.

OSCAR CABALLERO and ROXANA GARBER own a studio where they teach Tango and Argentine Dances.
They created and direct the "Tango Times Dance Company", which performs in their acclaimed theatrical productions.



Professional Tango Dancer from the Universidad del Tango de Buenos Aires, Argentina and Argentinean Folk and Tango historian. Rodolfo Dinzel direct assistant (The Dinzel), showed its dances in various United State Universities: Ausgustana College, Davenport, North St. Ambrose, western Illinois. Knox College, Iowa City. Honored by the Augustana College, Rock Island on May 3rd 1991 for the international university culture and education. On February 28th 1996 he received an award for the Tango Representation at the Catedral del Tango and on December 18th for the Tango Diffusion. Worked in the Argentinean Television together with well-known artist and broadcast TV Tango Classes.



Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, embraced the dancing world at the age of nine pouring in it all her histrionic ability. She studied at the Escuela Nacional de Danzas Nº 2 in Buenos Aires. Danced at the Teatro Municipal Gral. San Martin and showed in Europe her skills in various opportunities. She was teacher and choreographer for the "Chubut Tango" and the "Chubut Danza" Ballet both in Tango and Contemporary dance. As a complement she studied piano and music composition with Mirta Irusta and Antonio De Raco. Her love for sensuality goes as far as her urge to write. She uses her music and poetry elements as ingredients for her Tango Dancing Projects.